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Difficult but neat, nice work.


We thank you for taking the time to play the game, and hope to have you accompany her again someday.

Does this have jumpscares?

There are no jumpscares in BLANCHE. Whilst there are one or two sound effects that may startle a player upon first hearing due to the otherwise quiet gameplay, there are no popup images or excessively high-pitched sounds, therefore BLANCHE can be considered jumpscare-free - The intent is to create an unfamiliar or tense atmosphere,  not to needless startle the player.

just release a second episode of my gameplay of your game.

Gotta say brilliant concept and realy cool game


We apologise for the extremely belated reply, your comments somehow didn't trigger the notification system. We thank you very much for playing BLANCHE, and for taking the time to record it, your playthrough was both insightful and entertaining. On the subject of certain lagspikes that occured during your session, we are unsure why that occured - It could potentially have been a combination of the game engine and the recording software proving a little less than compatible.

At any rate, we hope you enjoyed the experience despite the frustrations, and hope that you will check out some of our upcoming releases in future. Thank you, and please keep up the good work.

hey man loved the concept of the game and actually made a gameplay of it to my channel

check it here

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Finally finished the game. Compared to the amount of retreading I had to do, walking the same rooms over and over, I think the ending was not worth it =_=

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We apologise that you found the reward unsatisfactory, particularly after so much effort on your part.

We will endeavor to create greater rewards in future releases, thank you for playing BLANCHE.

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How do checkpoints work in Blanche true? I was tapping buttons to figure out which was was load or save, and hit Q resulting in quitting the game. When I loaded it back up, I was back at the start, instead of in the FIRE room. =_=

Along the same lines, every time I died I ended up back at the beginning, with all the keys and coins back in their original locations.

Starting back at the beginning after reaching the princess is super punishing.

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Apologies for the late reply, we have been a little busy recently.

BLANCHE TRUE is the original version, in which there are no checkpoints, intended to give the game a greater level of difficulty, and a greater challenge for people who enjoy that sort of thing - It may be punishing, but early video games were often like that.

There are no Load or Save options.

Aha, that explains it!

It's fun until you die eight minutes in and have to restart.


We thank you for the prompt feedback. The issue has been dealt with, BLANCHE now includes a checkpoint feature, whilst the option remains for the original version via BLANCHE TRUE. We hope you have not been overly inconvenienced.

You guys rock for dealing with this so quickly, and I apologize for any compromise of artistic integrity I might have caused. You've got some serious cred in my book, and I really hope I didn't accidently force a change upon you or something. Again, y'all are pretty great.

No apology required, we're only too happy to ensure that players are able to get as much enjoyment from BLANCHE as they can. Thank you for playing.